New Yoga Class at St James’ Trust

Transformation Hatha Yoga is a gentle class that is suitable for every-body.  You don’t have to be super skinny or hyper-flexible to do it.  The aim of the class is to love yourself more, become more aware of your body and what is right for you, to find inner peace and balance. It goal of yoga is not to be able to put your leg behind your neck. However, you will find that when practising this style of yoga, you will naturally improve your posture, stamina, strength and flexibility.  You will be encouraged to do only what is right for you – to stretch without straining.  A typical class is an hour and a half long. It begins with a relaxation to gentle, uplifing music. We then limber up the body with some exercises to warm the body and prepare ourselves for the Asanas  (postures). We then practise a series of Asanas with the breath to the extent that it right for you. Alternatives are given so that you do only what is right for your body. The class ends with a review to practise again the Asanas learnt, and to take them even deeper. The class then ends with a relaxation.  Students say that they leave the class feeling uplifted, rejuvenated and relaxed, ready for the rest of your week.