25 Jul 2016

An interesting article on ‘Change’ in our turbulent political times…

We are living in unprecedented times of change, that’s for sure. During the last few weeks, each day has brought a new development to our political scene, creating a myriad of emotions, both negative and positive, but mostly driven by anger and fear, especially from those on the losing side of the referendum.

I really noted the energy. Of course, everything is energy vibrating and moving. Change is the very nature and definition of evolution; it is the fundamental impulse of Life itself.

Most of us have an interesting relationship with change. We welcome it when it is instigated by ourselves or we feel confident that the outcome means we ‘win’. But when the change comes from outside ourselves and it isn’t aligned to our own beliefs or thinking, we can either resist or react against it in a very negative way.

I have noticed that any kind of resistance can cause mental, emotional and sometimes physical pain. Of course, we are all different and the time it takes to process and accept outcomes beyond our control varies, but yogic practices can speed things along and help us to re-establish an inner peace more quickly. I feel it’s important to not turn away and separate ourselves from these changes or those who have brought them about. We are all in fact that change. The world is a holy community. There is no ‘them’ or ‘us’, we are all One. By that I mean energetically we are all interconnected and we all effect each other and our environment. This of course doesn’t mean we have to agree with each other’s thoughts or behaviour, but we do need to come from a place of respect, peace and loving kindness, not attack and judgement. Interesting times for sure. A time to be responsible and connected to ourselves, our thinking, our behaviour and make the choice to move forward in positivity.

by Laugharnananda Ray

July 10th 2016

Susannah Robson